Questionnaire for Paul Clark

How do you find church planters and/or leaders to train? Over the years, I have worked with both European and AGWM co-workers, encouraging and mentoring men and women in church planting endeavors. Are your students Europeans? Are they formally trained as pastors? Just as in the European German speaking national churches, we find and encourage … Read more

Simple Steps to knowing God

Mel Grams Read online or download: Knowing God German Version: Klare Schritte um Gott zu kennen  Forward by Dr. Paul Clark I met Mel Grams working for Teen Challenge in Wiesbaden, Germany. His “deeper life” teaching captivated my attention as a young person and positively impacted my spiritual formation. Mel’s practical teaching intertwined with his authentic … Read more

German Pentecostal Church Planting 1945–2005 (Doctoral Project)

Implications for Intentional Mission in the 21st Century Paul Clark Here read or download: Clark Pentecostal Church Planting Germany  Here read or download: German Language version Overview and Acknowledgements of Paul Clark’s doctoral project What factors led to the successful founding of Pentecostal congregations in Germany? This historical and cultural study of Pentecostal church planting since World … Read more

Intentional Mission in Post-Christian Germany: Considerations and Implications for Missionary Church Planters (Paul Clark)

Mission is not something that occurs haphazardly, but that intrinsically grows out of one’s personal relationship with the living God— a relationship that is, by its’ very nature, intentional. As a third generation Pentecostal, it is imperative for me that the Church be continually reminded that the baptism in the Holy Spirit was given to God’s people to equip them for intentional mission.

Good to Great Church Planting – (Dietrich Gerhard Schindler)

In my experience of over twenty years as a church planter in Germany, I have come to refer to six disciplines of good to great church planting as “G6”. By that I mean that they seem to have six great qualities that set them apart from merely good church planting ministries. These six great qualities of church planting are: timed release, generational distance, discipleship depth, intentional mindset, external focus, and reproducible models. I’ll attempt to explain them in the order listed. These six elements were developed after studying church planting in both the established Protestant Church and the various larger Free Churches in Germany which are reflected in my D.Min. dissertation entitled “Creating and Sustaining a Church Planting Multiplication Movement in Germany”.