Getting Started in Germany

The book The German Way by Hyde Flippo is an easy and helpful read. (Don’t let the author’s name scare you off.) McGraw-Hill/Passport Books, ISBN 0-8442-2513-4   Hyde Flippo also has an excellent website with helpful insights for expatriates living in Germany.

The German Embassy publishes a weekly English language email news service, which summarizes current events in Germany. The Week in Germany is user friendly you can easily choose the topic of interest. The e-newsletter often features news items that the major German news organizations have ignored.  Subscribe by going to and clicking on Newsletter.

Idea is the official news agency for the German Evangelical Alliance. The following link provides religious news in English: Idea also provides a daily German language e-newsletter focusing on religious events in Germany.

If you are interested in studyng in Germany here is an excellant website:


Websites with Germany news and some videos in English

Germany’s Channel 1 TV Program:

Deutsche Welle TV:

Der Spiegel News magazine: