I want to be liked!

Paul Clark “I want everyone to like me real bad I want everyone to approve of me ‘Cause when they disapprove of me it makes me feel so sad”  (Song lyrics by Randy Newman) “If you want everyone to love you, go sell ice cream, don’t revitalize churches.” (Ed Stetzer) In our first church plant … Read more I want to be liked!

Lead On!

Paul Clark “You are the most difficult person you will ever lead.” (Bill Hybels) It is imperative that you and I grow in our leadership skills as men and women called to the ministry. As you know, there are a multitude of perspectives and ideas in viewing leadership development. Several years ago, I was made … Read more Lead On!

Courage Maker

Paul Clark   “I have never met someone who is deeply compassionate at their core that has not experienced extreme pain in their life.” – Steve Donaldson Right now you are possibly dealing with overwhelming challenges in local church ministry as well as in your very own family? Here is a powerful scripture that has … Read more Courage Maker

Der Leiter und seine Beziehungen im BFP (Paul Clark)

Ein wichtiger Aufgabenbereich unserer Arbeitsgruppe war es, uns mit der Entwicklung von Leiterschaft innerhalb des BFP zu beschäftigen und ganz konkret die  Beziehungen von Gemeindeleitern und Pastoren untereinander zu analysieren. Es stellte sich die Frage, wie diese Beziehungsgeflechte aussehen und funktionieren innerhalb der Struktur, die sich im Laufe der Jahre auf Bundes-, Regional- and Distriktebene … Read more Der Leiter und seine Beziehungen im BFP (Paul Clark)