Der Leiter und seine Beziehungen im BFP (Paul Clark)

Ein wichtiger Aufgabenbereich unserer Arbeitsgruppe war es, uns mit der Entwicklung von Leiterschaft innerhalb des BFP zu beschäftigen und ganz konkret die  Beziehungen von Gemeindeleitern und Pastoren untereinander zu analysieren. Es stellte sich die Frage, wie diese Beziehungsgeflechte aussehen und funktionieren innerhalb der Struktur, die sich im Laufe der Jahre auf Bundes-, Regional- and Distriktebene … Read more Der Leiter und seine Beziehungen im BFP (Paul Clark)

Global Pentecostalism: A European Perspective (Paul Clark)

Early this year, I had the privilege to attend the Global Conference on Pentecostalism in Heidelberg, Germany. The two-day conference afforded me the opportunity to gain an extensive overview of the multi-layered academic research focus occurring in this fruitful area of study. Approximately ninety participants from eight European countries and the United States came to Heidelberg and vigorously interacted with various presentations in the academic disciplines including cultural anthropology, sociology, religious studies, gender studies, and theology.

Contextualization in Post-Christian Germany: Missional Considerations in reaching Non-Churched Germans (Paul Clark)

The purpose of this paper is to present helpful insight in the area of cultural interaction and contextualization, which will facilitate a transforming ministry in Germany. As missionaries and ministers we must be cognizant of our own cultural blind spots. Scripture speaks to all people and all cultures with Jesus Christ being the most pure and faithful example of divine love in our communication with one another. Jesus is God with us — the reality of the love of God in human experience.